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The home of the stunning Lotus 7 replica, the 2011 MACH SR7 series. We are excited to share with you our modular kit series that will meet needs from a daily driver to a serious track car.
When Colin Chapman designed the first Lotus 7 fifty years ago it was an absolute sensation, if you were 175cm tall, weighed 68Kg and had small feet. The MACH SR7 series is a car of the 21st century with fully adjustable seating, a wider pedal box that meets all body types and sizes. What we have not changed is that wind-in-the-hair motoring in classic style.


THE McGregor Mach 7

Colin Chapman’s 1957 Lotus 7 was a classic of automotive design for its light weight and superb handling. Drawing on over fifty years of enthusiast’ experience, we have built on that design and improved it for modern engines and parts, and to suit modern lifestyle and driving conditions.

Roomy Cockpit

The McGregor Mach 7’s long wide cockpit is very welcoming-roomy enough for touring, but snug enough for maximum cornering support.

Strong Chassis

The key to every good car is the quality and strength of its chassis. McGregor’s Mach 7 chassis has been designed to fit wide variety of engines.

Reliable Suspension

The front suspension follows the current trend of double unequal length wishbones and adjustable coil over shock absorbers.

Self-Build Kit sets

Our kits are easy to assemble without specialized tools. You chose the engine and transmission, or we can supply suitable units to your requirements. Average build time is around 150-200 hours.

Factory-Build option

Not everyone has the space or time to assemble their own kit. We’d hate for that to prevent anyone owning their own seven, so our skilled staff are ready to hand build a beautiful car that will exceed your expectations.



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We at McGregor Motorsport are here to meet your “NEEDS’” and “WANTS” creating a chance to drive your dream.