The Car


The MACH SR7 is proving to be our most popular model for both road and performance use. This 21st Century design MACH 7 series features greater comfort and a higher standard of safety features. The fully adjustable seating allows for a variety of driving positions, our MACH SR7 series you do not need to wear special driving shoes as the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals are easily managed.


The Modular Kitset option allows you to purchase as you build, an extremely popular option that not only means you can create a workable budget but parts are delivered only when you need them.
The “Kiwi” do it your self philosophy fits perfectly with our Modular kitset option. We can supply 100% of the parts required, or work with you on parts that you have purchased that we agree will work to the high standards we maintain. All parts that we supply are new or reconditioned to your requirements.

Roomy Cockpit

The McGregor Mach 7’s long wide cockpit is very welcoming-roomy enough for touring, but snug enough for maximum cornering support. The height adjustable steering column and seats ensure that almost anyone can drive it. We’ve provided plenty of room around the pedals for driving with ordinary street shoes. Our priorities have been comfort, safety, strength and production simplicity.

Strong Chassis

The key to every good car is the quality and strength of its chassis. McGregor’s Mach 7 chassis has been designed to fit a wide variety of engines, from the classic Ford Crossflow to modern engines such as the Toyota 4AGE or 3SG, Mazda MX5, Nissan SR20 or even a Rover V8. Two versions accommodate either the original live rear Axle design or our own fully independent Rear Suspension design-the choice is yours.

Reliable Suspension

The front suspension follows the current trend of double unequal length wishbones and adjustable coil over shock absorbers. For your protection the front suspension wishbones are crack tested. A certificate is supplied with each set to help you with certification.

Self-Build Kit sets

Our kits are easy to assemble without specialized tools. You chose the engine and transmission, or we can supply suitable units to your requirements. Average build time is around 150-200 hours.
We aim for the highest possible quality in preparing your parts to ensure the assembly process runs as smooth as possible.
We understand that builders aren’t always starting from scratch, so our modular kit system allows you to purchase only those parts you need for your project. We can supply as many or as few components as you need, and will deduct the value of parts you’ve obtained elsewhere from the kit’s price.

Factory-Build option

Not everyone has the space or time to assemble their own kit. We’d hate for that to prevent anyone owning their own seven, so our skilled staff are ready to hand build a beautiful car that will exceed your expectations. While your car is being assembled, you can come in at any time to check on progress and add your specific ideas and requirements.